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We Like to Ride Bikes

Bike to work, to get in shape, to have fun and spend time with people or get some space, we love it all. Bicycling is a wonderful experience, it is so many things to so many different people and we want to celebrate that. We love biking too.

Avi rides for speed. He got into the sport a few years ago to cross train for hockey (link to hockey post, big bear etc.) Until recently he was riding the same bike Lance won the Tour de France, the Trek Madone. (Here's a little clip of Lance talking about where the name comes from)

Avi is squeezing in rides late at night or early in the morning on the Wahoo trainer with a Zwift Kickr, down to cherry creek reservoir with the PHP (Park Hill Peloton) or out to Lookout Mountain. For Avi, cycling isn't just a great way to stay physically healthy, it's also healthy competition with friends. Instead of grabbing a beer, you'll often hear him saying, "let's go ride together".

Nowadays Jeff Miller is a certified master watchmaker who some know from his decades of expert repair work at William Crowe before the owners retired and closed the store. When that business closed, we were fortunate to scoop him up. But not too long ago, Jeff's riding reputation preceded him. Jeff rode way before it was cool. He's been doing Ragbrai (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) since the 90s and has done the Double triple bypass on a single speed fixed gear bike, and on. Just ask him, he's got stories. Perhaps the best accomplishment is the dedication to commuting by bike. Jeff has a rode to work days streaks in the thousands, and that's consecutively. In aggregate, Jeff has saved thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide by swapping his bikes. There's a Mootz, a single speed and others...

Jay Schreiber, the newest member of the team, started riding to beat traffic riding to the Willis Tower - formerly Sears - when he lived in Chicago. Jay used to haul his son to daycare on a Schwinn super sport with a chariot trailer. After drop off the next stop was a Ekar Farm a local community garden and urban farm, that uses farming as a way to feed hungry people and educate hungry minds. Jay's passion is in Sustainability, organic regenerative farming is one piece of a highly connected, circular economy with reducing resource consumption - like the Patagonia model - buy the good stuff and it'll last. (Recycled metals in jewelry is something we can do, just ask).

If you want to ride with us, hit us up on our Strava group.

Or, just come in to the store and say "hi" and bring us one of these cards from the Denver Streets Partnership.

See you out there!

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