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Amethyst, the Stone of Spirituality

Ancient Romans and Greeks believed the purple stone amethyst has the power to counter the effects of Bacchus. They wore it to keep their heads clear and their wits quick. Through centuries, the amethyst has been related to legends and myths and is also given varying religious connotations. In different cultures, it is believed to be the stone that helps overcome the temptations of revelry and indulgence.

A Closer Look

Amethyst is the birthstone of the month of February. A variety of natural quartz, amethyst bears a rare purple color that is uncommon even in nature. Occurring in light and dark shades of purple, the precise colors of amethyst range from purple to deep violet to lilac. Once a stone that kept its users from drunkenness, today it is worn to attain a balanced mindset.


Amethyst, the stone that peels one’s intuitive eye stands for trust, spirituality and intuition. One of the world’s most popular crystals, amethyst is synonymous with opulence and luxury. These stones were often seen in amulets of common people, but also in crowns, rings and scepters. Once kings and Christian bishops wore amethyst rings as a symbol of royalty and power. For religious people of prominence, it was also symbolic of their allegiance and affiliation to the institution. Its spiritual association accounts for the frequent appearance of these stones in crosses and breast plates.


According to Chinese Philosophy, amethyst, if placed in the wealth corner of a house can amplify the inflow of wealth and prosperity. The stone is believed to generate wealth in a mystical harmonizing fashion. The Greeks helped perpetuate the belief that it helps wearers resist the invitation of intoxication. Modern astrologers prescribe it as a protective stone to shield negative feelings, anxiety and stress. The stone helps clear the mind and filter out negative vibes. It promotes abundance and intuition as well as communication which is a leverage for working professionals.

In Jewelry

Amethyst is a beautiful stone that is popularly used in jewelries. The stone is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Mostly, amethyst is affordable, even in bigger sizes. The stone with its warm and striking color looks flattering in both golden and silver metals. That makes amethyst an easy pick for both yellow gold and white gold jewelries. amethyst is a versatile gem that enhances most colors in a wardrobe.

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