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Denver Startup Week - Tech Saves the World

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Denver Startup Week is Oct 4th - 8th, 2021 which will be here before we know it. The way events and activities for Denver Startup Week are selected is first by the organizing committee and then opened up to the community for voting.

At Bulow Jewelers, we love being a part of the community.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds (LGD), or Lab Diamonds are big news in our industry. We submitted a session in an area we know something about to the Maker Track, called "Tech Saves the World".

We're teaming up with some other really interesting companies and asked our good friend Doug Thorner to moderate a discussion.

Andrew Linkens is with a super cool company, Crusoe Energy that takes flare gas from fossil fuel drill sites and mines the crypto currency Bitcoin.

Adam Hill co-founded Direct Polymers to divert the thousands of tons of plastic that go into landfill in the Front Range.

To round out the conversation Collin McIntosh of Sheets and Giggles has a lot to say about the bedsheets we sleep on at night. Perhaps the most comfortable way to save the world.

Vote for the session and help us share our deep industry knowledge to help people live more Sustainable lives.

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