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Challenge Yourself July

Last month in June Avi Bulow, completed a personal Quest to 1,000. He challenged himself with an ambitious goal. We want support anyone who wants to do the same. If you set a monthly goal on Strava for July and meet it, we’ll give you a $100 gift certificate to use in our store in August.

We created a group on Strava called Bulow Cycling, and started doing events. Last week we did a group ride with Avi, there are some more pictures on Strava here.

We had some great cold brew coffee from our friends at White Tale coffee. And did our part to reduce waste and keeps things Sustainable with some awesome new cups from Ball Corp. Their aluminum cups in the picture below are "Infinitely Recyclable". Aluminum, like the gold, platinum and other precious metals we sell can be recycled into new products.

We’re doing another ride this Sunday and moving forward. There are plenty of group rides that go really fast, we ride in one of them the Park Hill Peloton (PHP). This ride is more about meeting people and having a good time than pushing hard and improving FTPs (If you want that though, Global Cycling Network (GCN) has lots to say -

This ride is especially for people who are trying to get back into riding and want to become stronger, better riders.

Join the Bulow Cycling Strava Club to us for the ride this week or on future rides. If you find this picture, you got to the right place.

Set a goal on Strava, tell us on Instagram or Facebook.

At the end of the month tell us if hit it and come by the store for your gift certificate.

See you out there!

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