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Engagement Rings at Bulow Jewelers

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

New things can be exceptionally challenging

When it comes to engagement rings there is a lot to learn. The 4C's: cut, carat, color and clarity can be daunting. That's why we have are creating this series on engagement rings to walk anyone through the process.

Here at Bulow Jewelers we believe in appreciating the finer things and celebrating life's best moments. Getting engaged is a time to treat ourselves. Before we get into thing, if it’s late enough in the day, we want you to try something exquisite from our bourbon bar.

The bourbon bar is a highly curated selection of whiskeys and other spirits, with a heavy emphasis on unique, highly sought after and rare American bourbons.

Now that we’ve relaxed a bit, we can start to shift those nerves and stress into excitement. We’re about to design a piece of jewelry that you will give to the woman you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. We’ve done this hundreds of times, we’ll be here with you every step of the way.

It comes down to six questions

There is a lot to learn with engagement rings and diamonds. The thing is that there are really only six questions that need to be answered:

1) Center stone: 86% of rings use a diamond as their center stone.

2) Setting: often referred to as the ring, this is circle of metal that goes on the finger.

3) Metal: gold and platinum are the two main metals we work with.

4) Ring size: left hand ring finger, if you want to keep it a surprise we have some tricks.

5) Timeline: it takes about a month or two. If you're in a rush let us know!

6) Budget: Price ranges pretty wide, our thing is to maximize your bang for your buck.

We’ll dig into each one of these in later posts and walk you through each one. At the end of this series you should have a good handle on what to expect and a really good start on answering these questions. Once we know the answers to those questions the rest is up to us here at the store. You can start thinking about the proposal...

Exceptional Experience

To us an exceptional ring she is going to love and want to show everyone is a given. We want to create an exception experience. Our goal is help overcome the intimidation factor and make the process as inviting as possible.

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