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Engagement Rings: Start Here

This is our first post in the Engagement Ring series, where we walk through the process of purchasing an engagement ring.

A marriage proposal is one of the most romantic moments in life. Getting down on one knee, opening the box, popping the question, it's iconic. Our hearts flutter just thinking about it. Goosebumps and hairs stand up as we play scenes in our heads of our own proposals or clips, we’ve seen. Seeing her reaction, the open mouth, the “oh my god!!!”, two people committing to each other based on their mutual love. It’s so wonderful!

This amazing moment often started a few weeks or months prior, at jewelry store, or maybe even a few stores and some websites and blogs and lots of reading and nerves, lots of nerves. Sometimes it’s the couple (about 40% of the time) but very frequently one person, usually the boyfriend* will come in to purchase a ring. Asking the big questions that go with am I ready to get engage? Is this the right person? Come some more practical ones, how do I propose? And I'm going to need a ring for that proposal, how the heck do I buy a ring? And not just any ring, a ring that will elicit that response, that “oh my god!”.

Designing a piece of jewelry that will say what you feel can be agonizingly stressful.

The last thing we want is for the ring to be stressful and intimidating. Our goal is to make purchasing an engagement ring as inviting as possible. We want every one of our customers to have an amazing experience designing, purchasing, and proposing with a ring that says what they want it to. We want marriage proposals to be enjoyable, exciting, and exhilarating experiences.

Sometimes it's quick, sometimes it takes a bit longer. We can spend weeks and even months working on a ring together to get it just right. Each ring is different, just like each person and each couple. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Our goal is to help educate and help make it "just right" for you. We want to help you create something she will love and you can cherish together.

*Quick note about pronouns: we’re going to use “he” in this series about engagement rings. Most of the time it is a male purchasing a ring, but not always. We don’t want anyone to feel excluded. There are so many great couples we’ve worked with over the years and love takes so many forms. One of the things we love about our jobs so much is getting to connect with people at their happiest, most exciting moments. Not every couple is a male and a female. We’re using the masculine singular, but we hope you will hear us trying to include everyone.

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