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Jewelry Repairs and Maintenance

Jewelry repairs and how often one should check prongs and do basic maintenance

Your precious jewelry requires some tender love and care to survive the wear and tear it undergoes day in and day out. Regular maintenance is essential for all fine jewelry as they are susceptible to damage, and in some cases irreparable, unless assessed over a period of time to address even the most minimal problem. When it comes to rings with prongs holding something as expensive as diamond or other gemstones, you need to be even more vigilant as the stakes are really high if the gemstone gets lost. Without well-timed discovery that gets followed by immediate corrective actions, it is quite easy to lose the stone even before you notice it!

What entails basic jewelry maintenance?

Basic jewelry maintenance includes periodic cleaning, proper storage, and careful handling. The regular basic cleaning can also be done by a professional at any reputable jewelry store nearby, entailing general condition checking followed by ultrasonic cleaning to ensure complete and efficient cleaning of your jewelry. If there is any superficial scratches on the jewelry, the same can be addressed by polishing to restore its original shine.

When it comes to basic maintenance of any piece of jewelry, the same can be done at home. However, a dysfunctional prong or two would require expert investigation to deal with the issue immediately and avoid the risk of losing the stone. Bad craftsmanship for poorly made jewelry as well as natural weakening due to abrasion lead to wearing down of a prong. Repeated knocking or bumping of your ring also play a role in accelerating the weakening process.

What to look for when visiting a jewelry store for repair

When you visit any jewelry store for cleaning, it is crucial to look for jewelers who is warranted by a respected institution like Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or Jewelers of America. Any good jewelry repair service will ensure that you receive your jewelry in a pristine condition, precisely, there should be no visible sign of repair on the jewelry.

In any good repair, the repaired section has the sheen, appearance and the same color as the rest of the jewelry. There should be no tool marks or signs of hammering visible. When it involves chain or ring repair, there must not be any visible seam from soldering and cutting. All gemstones must be secure and tight in their settings including prongs and channel.

Prong repair

Maintaining prong strength is necessary to do away with the possibility of losing a stone. Depending on the seriousness of the prong wear, it can be replaced completely, or re-tipped effectively by adding suitable metal on the top of the prong or the prong head can be replaced in its entirety. When repaired, a prong will not have any discernible disparity with the actual ring. When repaired, all prongs match in shape, size and dimension. They must go over the stone’s crown, ensuring the prongs will not snag the clothing.

The best way of ensuring a long-lasting piece of jewelry is to dedicate a little time, love and effort towards its regular care routine.

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