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Tanzanite; December Birthstone

Photo Credit GIA

Tanzanite for Celebration and Healing

If you were born in December, the beautiful, saturated blue-violet gem called tanzanite is your birthstone. A variety of Zoisite, tanzanite is named by none other than diamond giant Tiffany & Co. The stone, unlike any, occurs only in one place, a country where it was first discovered and mined with regularity in the following years, Tanzania. So, the gem is named after its place of origin.

The Gem Up Close

Tanzanite fast rose to popularity immediately after its discovery. However, Zoisite, the mineral family to which it belongs is pretty abundant in nature, and has been around for over a century now. But this blue variety which goes by the name of Tanzanite was found not until 1967.

A breakdown of its mineral composition reveals vanadium in trace amounts. This interacting with high heat turns a Zoisite purple-blue or violetish blue in color. Although blue is its signature color, the gem occurs in shades from pale blue all the way to dark ultramarine. All of its shades have purple undertones which makes it visibly different from blue sapphire and blue diamond.

The presence of pleochroism causes the gem to display a variety of colors at different angles. Only an excellent or better grade cut can make the stone display more bluish and purple tones than the others. A great cut can deemphasize the stone’s undesirable brown hue.

Sites of Origin

The second most interesting thing about this rich blue stone is its geographic restriction. Unlike other gems, this stone has been found nowhere else in the world outside Tanzania. Even so, within Tanzania, Tanzanite is found in only a few square miles of area. This site is located close to the colossal Mt. Kilimanjaro. Within this area, there are only a few sites where tanzanite is mined.

Metaphysical Properties

Tanzanite is blooming with healing energies. It is a great gem to prep up the immune system. It is a detox gem that drains the blood of its impurities. It enhances vitality and regenerates cells. Tanzanite also improves the health of skin and hair. It neutralizes harmful side-effects of strong drugs and soothes surgical after-effects. Tanzanite is also a popular gem in treating psychological disorders. It has helped many treat and control migraine, stress, anxiety and such disorders.

Most of all Tanzanite brings to the lives of its wearers the energy of the sky which it embodies in its blue crystal. With it, it fosters faith, patience, trust and forgiveness which, among other things, help reconcile old differences.

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