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Topaz; November Birthstone

Photo Credit GIA

Topaz, the Vibrant Stone of November

The birthstone for the month of November, Topaz is essentially an anniversary stone, more specifically the 19th anniversary of marriage. A universally recognized symbol of love, Topaz enhances the sweet nature and disposition of its wearers. A gem of love and affection, this stone also celebrates the 4th marriage anniversary.


The word Topaz has Greek origin. It comes from the word "Topazion", or as some suppose from the Sanskrit word Tapas. The Sanskrit meaning of the term is “fire” which goes perfectly with the fiery hue and scintillation of the stone. The name also has Egyptian connections. The St. John’s islands of Egypt were formerly called the “Egyptian island of Topazos”. According to Pliny’s works, the island owned its name to the green yellowish stone that was found in abundance on the island. Back when it was called so, the stone occurred there in large numbers.

Supplying Countries

Today, the stone occurs scattered all over the world. St. John’s Island is no longer the primary source of topaz. In fact, in recent years, countries like Burma, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria and Brazil have been the biggest suppliers.


Topaz is a stone as old as any. The Romans and Greeks were familiar with this stone. Not only did they know it to be a precious gem, they also believed that it held great powers. In medieval times, a variety of topaz called the Wine-yellow Saxonian was mined in the Erzgebirge Mountains in a place called Schneckenstein in old Germany. Between 1737 and 1800, large quantities of topaz had been mined in this site through deep drilling. Even in Middle Ages, the stone was seen as holy and rare. It is only in the 19th century after vast deposits of topaz was found in Brazil that the stone became affordable for all.


Topaz like diamond, is a gem of love. It is also believed to be the gem of good fortune. So, if you are feeling lucky lately, it may be the stone you are wearing working its magic. Topaz is extremely helpful to those striving towards a certain goal in life. It helps its wearers attract the right kind of people for love, friendship, business dealings and such. As for those who are already married or in a steady romantic relationship, the stone bolsters the bond inciting honesty, trust and faithfulness. Some believe that the stone has special powers to draw out the truth.

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