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Re-purposing Your Jewelry

We all have at least one piece of jewelry that just sits around never being worn or appreciated, maybe it’s an heirloom piece and we don’t think it fits our style, or from an old relationship gone wrong, or perhaps we simply just don’t like it. Whatever our reason for not wearing the piece currently there is no reason not to wear it in the future, here at Bulow Jewelers we can help you create a custom piece of jewelry using the stones from old pieces, bringing them new life. 

Updating jewelry can be the perfect way to honor loved ones that have passed down pieces to you. Heirloom pieces can often be fragile or simply just not your taste, with a custom update you can design a piece that is both your style and in a sturdy new setting. Preserving stones from loved ones rings, necklaces, or bracelets can be a great way to honor that loved one and create an extremely sentimental piece. Stones from multiple pieces can even be combined to make one unique piece of jewelry that you can cherish forever. 

There are few things more awkward than deciding what to do with jewelry from a past relationship that didn’t work out right. It doesn’t feel right to continue wearing it and you may not want to get rid of it either but you can have it made into a completely new piece of jewelry to represent the new chapter in your life. You can even have it made from a ring to a bracelet, a bracelet to a necklace and so on to completely change the style and vibe of the piece. Out with old and in with the new has never been more accurate, you can completely design every aspect here at Bulow to give your new jewelry a fresh start. 

Outdated jewelry often gets tossed to the back of the jewelry box or forgotten, but it doesn’t have to be when it can be updated to a more current or classic style. The stones can be made into a beautiful piece that fits your current style or even made into something new you can gift and pass on to family members. Instead of something that won’t be worn and will sit for years to come, update out of date pieces and turn them into trendy items for anyone to love and wear. 

There are some stones and metals that will be easier to re-purpose. Stones such as diamonds, topaz, or sapphires are harder and easier to work with during the resetting process, while others such as turquoise and emeralds are much softer and will scratch easily. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness can be used to determine if your stone is a good candidate for resetting or if it will be at risk for scratching and damage. During your design consultation at Bulow we will advise you on what it best for your individual piece of jewelry. 

The custom design process is then much like that of our regular custom design process. We will set a meeting with a Bulow Jewelry expert to discuss the specifics of your piece and what exactly you would like in your new piece. It is helpful at this point to bring along any sample photo ideas or sketches so our jewelers can get an idea of what you are looking for in your new item. Our experts will then put together either a mold or 3-D rendering of your design for you to proof and approve before we start the creation process. Upon approval our jewelers will begin creating your custom design using your re-purposed piece of jewelry. 

Re purposing old jewelry into new for whatever reason is a wonderful way to recycle your jewelry sustainably. Every piece of the old item can be reused in most cases from the stone to the metal. This keeps from new resources needing to mined from the earth to create new jewelry. Re-purposing your old jewelry can create new unique pieces for ages to come in a green sustainable manner. Think of all the beautiful rings, bracelets, and necklaces just waiting to find new life again!

There are endless possibilities for jewelry re-purposing and resetting. Never again do you have to be stuck with an unwanted piece of jewelry, just bring it in and have it turned into something unique and completely you! The options are truly endless. Here at Bulow Jewelers in Denver, Colorado we have an expertly trained staff to help with all of your custom design and re-purposing needs, call us for your consultation today!

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